Thursday, March 31, 2011


Frayed laces,
A tattered scrapbook
In a daughter's arms.

Dirty faces,
Rusty nails across
A broken canvas.

Discarded traces,
Moistened brows and
Salted pillowcases.

With hushed breath and
Wolfish eyes,
Burying their teeth in
Our sultry samba,
There it goes!
My love,
It seeps.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


When I hear the rain trickle down,
I remember.
Forty days and nights of memories,
coming back like a bolt of lightning through the mist.
Or when I feel the cold wind blow,
the shivers make me miss your warmth.
The smile that lit up the room
has been extinguished.
I say, when I see the stars come out,
the warm summer nights spent
counting them out come back in a flash,
and nothing is forgotten.
I grieve.
Like the father who's lost his son,
I grieve.

Friday, December 3, 2010


i want to know why the world tends to disorder,
when all we seek is a foundation with no cracks.

i want to know what direction my head would spin
if i were from australia.

i want to know if there's heaven or hell,
so i can take a break from this moral parade i wage.

i want to know the meaning of life,
so i can rip that page out of the dictionary.

i want to know what's wrong with me,
so i can try to find what's right with me.

i want to know what death feels like,
so i can pick out his face at the corner market.

i want to know why a thousand years can pass
without me really knowing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

sorry, thoreau

If I lived my dreams,
I'd pilot a schooner to Zanzibar;
Cruising down the river of Chance,
Only to fall off the side of the Earth.

If I lived my dreams,
I'd stand before a crowd of millions,
Postulating on the fate of man,
Only to lose my belt midway.

If I lived my dreams,
Life would be an adventure, and
I'd die a thousand times
Before I find the resolution.

On second thought,
I'll have my eggs with a
Cold side of reality.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


That day is one that I’ll never forget,
The sweetest memories created there.
The moon smiled wide with no evinced regret,
And starlight intertwined with golden hair.

You asked me how it felt to love someone;
A rush of feelings caused my mind to freeze.
The fireflies flashed brighter than the sun;
The wind spoke softly through the darkened trees.

I rose to leave, and looked into your eyes
And then, a sign came down from up above.
I found the truth within a sea of lies:
Three months, five days, I knew that it was love.

This chance was on that I could not have missed;
The world sped ‘round its axis as we kissed.


I've never met you,
But when it rained
On the chalk-covered sidewalk,
I read your mind;
Beautiful, unique,
Always creating.

Today was your birthday;
I walked to the corner store
And bought a red balloon,
Knowing if I set it free
It would find its way to you.

Leaves turn,
And I know it's your time.
Warm cider,
Cool Autumn breeze,
You linger on the
Whispers of the wind.

the quilt

At the heart of each man
Is a thread, and
At the core of each thread
Is a sin.

When these ends come together,
They form the quilt of our existence.
The darkness comes together,
And it grows.